Travel Control Kit

Travel Control Kit

The Global Security Technologies Company (GST Group) is introducing its own unique product onto the market. It is a set of seals for air-travelers that ‘informs’ about the inbreak and lets them peace of mind on holiday.

According to the statistics, one suitcase is broken in the world every 3 minutes.

Tourists do their best to secure their luggage: they acquire suitcases with coded locks, join two zip sliders with padlocks, and even wrap their bags with cling-film. Though all this does not stop the enthusiasts from rummaging in someone’s suitcases:

  • Padlocks do not guarantee the safety of belongings. To reach the luggage, it is enough just to poke through the zipper with a ball-point pen, move it apart, and take out anything one likes from the suitcase, and then zip it up smoothly by moving a zip slider.
  • Film wrapping of suitcases: this luggage protection service has been offered by airports for many years; yet, the number of thefts has not decreased, and there haven’t been any other protection options. The film is just a protection from transportation damage rather than against thefts.

Unfortunately, thefts in airports are an international phenomenon. You cannot be 100 percent sure that your suitcases will remain untouched in any country. For example, they register about 6,000 thefts per year in the airports of Germany, and the airports of Heathrow, Fiumicino, and Charles De Gaulle witnessed the group arrests of workers comprising 10-12 people at once during the previous two years but it did not stop thefts for long. At the main airport of Ukraine, about a hundred luggage thefts per year are reported. The ‘Borispol’ administration admits that this data does not reveal the real picture because passengers often detect their loss only at home.

Travel Control Kits (TCK) is advantageous control of your luggage.

The expert manufacturer of reliable security seals, the Global Security Technologies Company , which has been producing high-quality security seals since 1998, is a leader in this field in Ukraine and is exporting its merchandise into 75 countries of the world already. They researched this matter and in 2015, the Company launched the production of a unique set of seals for travelers – Travel Control Kit (TCK). This is a development result of Anna Malykhina, a co-founder of GST, and it allows for comfortable traveling without worries about luggage: it is impossible to break into the suitcase unnoticed.

The kit consists of:

  • four buff seals for luggage;
  • four inviolability stickers for safes and self-storage;
  • alcohol wipes for surface degreasing before the use of stickers;
  • a hermetic zip-bag for documents;
  • a seal user’s manual.

How Does It Work?

Before the flight check-in, it is enough to tighten the zip sliders and suitcase’s handle together with a puff seal and take a photo of its unique serial number with your mobile. After arrival, you need to have a look at your bag and check the seal number correspondence with the photo: if there is no mechanical damage, your belongings are safe. If the seal is damaged, you should check the luggage integrity before leaving the airport. In case of loss, it will be easier to get your things back or recover compensation.

If you use a padlock, you will be able to see the theft only at home and, if the airport is located far away, you are unlikely to get back there and try to find out where your loss can be. The security seal from the TCK set will serve as an indicator of intrusion: if the suitcase has been broken in, you will notice it instantly and be able to report it to the corresponding airport authority without any delay. You can file an application and provide a photo of the seal taken before departure. Having sealed your suitcase or bag with a puff seal, you can be sure that your personal belongings are reliably protected. Such a seal serves as an obvious sign for intruders in airports that any manipulations will be noticed!

The inviolability sticker will have the same effect. It is necessary to use it for safes in hotels or self-storage: you will notice at once that the safe was broken and the theft happened.

“TCK is a unique product on the market. It is not just a reliable and highly technological seal. It is a set of tools that are meant specifically for the situations a person regularly encounters while traveling”, – says the co-founder of the GST Company and executive manager of the TCK project Anna Malykhina. – “Puff seals for bags and suitcases, as well as inviolability stickers for safes and self-storages, serve a dual purpose – indication and prevention. Stickers and luggage seals do not only allow for identifying at first sight whether there has been an attempt to get to your valuables. The fact is that sealed objects are intruded much more rarely – the presence of seals in itself serves as a warning – you’d better not plunge in there; any jiggery-pokery will be noticed”.

Each TCK seal is unique and it has its matchless number made by a laser. It completely excludes the chance of counterfeiting or re-using it. If some time ago a traveler, as a rule, noticed the loss only at home, the seals from the TCK allow the intrusion into the suitcase to be seen immediately after taking the luggage from the carousel. It means that, in case of theft attempts, you can instantly report it to the airline company with a claim for a refund. The seal is an immediate indication of intrusion and the incontestable evidence of thee in-break. In accordance with the rules of the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions, the passenger whose luggage was damaged during the international flight can lay claim for partial compensation of damage.

The control bonus is a psychological factor. When an intruder sees that the suitcase is sealed, he will think twice before dealing with such luggage.

The first TCK sets became gifts to the VIP clients and partners of the GST Company. When they tried and made use of their presents, they started ordering such sets not only for their business trips but for going on family vacations. It has turned out that no one in the world can offer such merchandise!

With time, the obvious interest has aroused in this kit. That is why it was decided to start its mass production. The TCK sets are gaining more and more popularity year by year. Hundreds of tourist agencies, hotels, ticket selling centers, bag and tourism equipment stores acquire TCKs on a regular basis both as gifts to their golden customers and goods for selling. Apart from this, the sets are already represented in 7 airports of Ukraine and we are negotiating the matter with foreign airline companies, airports, and tourist agencies now.

Many clients, who have already tried how the sets work, purchase them for the use of their own and their relations on a special website of TCK

If you are worried about your luggage, keep it under control of security seals.