MagneT: Antimagnetic Label Seals

The security seal GST makes the unnoticed intrusion into the metering device’s work impossible.

The Global Security Technologies Group (GST) produces one of the best antimagnetic label seals in the world that can completely exclude the destruction of meter indicators for electricity, gas, water, and heat.

The higher the bills are, the more temptation consumers experience to ‘save costs’ by the intrusion into meters’ work. After the cold season arrives, the meters’ protection is especially topical. Not only individuals but businesses as well can be blamed for this, especially, those of them who consume big amounts of water, gas, heat, and electricity.

Craftspeople think of many ways of how to deceive service providers – from mechanical intrusion to the powerful neodymium magnetic impact on meters.

However, no matter how diverse their tricks are, security seals GST do not leave the slightest chance to keep such actions unnoticed and they discourage fraudsters from counterfeiting meter indicators. The efficiency of GST products is supported by the growing demand in power supply, gas supply, water, and heat supply system protection.

An antimagnetic label seal «MagneT» was specifically developed for fighting against the frauds of service receivers who consume electricity, gas, water, and heat. It clearly traces the presence of strong magnetic fields that can have an impact on meters’ indications. Due to the patented technology, the indication takes place owing to the transfer of the magnetic sensitive suspension within the special capsule which protects this suspension from external influences.

Antimagnetic label seals have been produced by the GST Group since 2011 and their sales are growing exponentially. This happens even though «MagneT» is one of the most expensive seals in the product range of GST and the seals from other manufacturers can be found on the market. However, the energy, water, heat, and gas supply service providers have already ensured that, when speaking about the protection of valuable resources against stealing, the first and foremost criterion is the seal quality. The attempts to use cheap antimagnetic seals made of inexpensive materials used to result in extra expenses of these providing companies for the second resealing of all the meters.

The quality guaranteed by the GST Group is especially important when speaking about such a product as antimagnetic label seals. Their indicative properties depend on the durability and reliability of the capsule containing the magnetic suspension and on the sensitivity of this suspension which should react to the influence of permanent and variable magnetic fields by the irreversible change of its shape and location within the capsule. Therefore, the attempts to retard or stop the meter’s work with the help of magnets leave irreversible traces on the seal. The seal «MagneT» does not perform as a result of falling or other mechanical impacts which are not connected to magnetic fields and heating. All this makes «MagneT» a unique reliable indicative means.

Brand-New Advancement «MagneT»

In 2019, the unique novelty product – antimagnetic label seal of a new generation «MagneT-UV» – was released. Its peculiar characteristic is unique glow capability under the UV rays.

The indicator of the magnetic field «MagneT-UV» uses the original technologies of ExtraLight and UVProtect.

The antimagnetic label seal «MagneT-UV» consists of a special suspension that glows under the UV rays (both in the daytime and in the darkness). This suspension is enclosed in the capsule and fixed to the label.

All the elements have the protection by maintaining a new level of visualization and indication:

  • The suspension glows under the UV rays with the bright light (the ExtraLight Technology).
  • A new level of visualization and indication (New UV PROTECT);
  • The new algorithm of counterfeit indication.
  • the influence of magnetic fields causes the irreversible destruction of the indicator.
  • The trace after the magnetic influence is well-noticed in the daylight and it produces a bright glow under the UV rays (in daylight and the darkness).
  • The capsule is made of polymeric material which becomes deformed under the outer impact or being exposed to heat and does not regain its original form.
  • The base layer is made with the help of a specific printing technology which is impossible to replicate without special equipment. The exclusive material of the base layer is supplied in limited consignments. You cannot find it on the Ukrainian market that is why it is impossible to make the counterpart of the seal.
  • The seal number is laser-notched on the capsule and it coincides with the number indicated on the sticker. It allows for excluding substitution of the capsule and intrusion into its inner part. The capsule is sensitive to heat impact and its deformation is evidence of the intrusion into the seal’s structure.
  • The sticker is protected against unauthorized tampering by the presence of the security text ‘OPENED’ which appears with the attempt to remove the indicator from the sealed object.
  • The seal can be glued easily to plastic, metal, glass, and painted surfaces.
  • The seal can be used under temperatures from -50°C to 60°C.
  • It meets the requirements of TC U 265-32700884-002:2016 (Indicative Seals) which is supported by Approval Certificate #UA1.170.0040268-16.

The listed above properties of the seal «MagneT-UV» make it a unique protective means for electricity, water, gas, and fuel meters. Tens of energy companies in Ukraine and abroad have already made the practical evaluation of the seal «MagneT-UV»’s efficiency and the Global Security Technologies Group has proven one more time its leading position in the creation of reliable and unique tools for the protection of property, people and companies’ interests in the whole world.